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What’s So Special about Staying in Inns?

Nowadays travelers around the world depend more on inn than a hotel. They feel comfortable in an inn more than a hotel. If you don’t stay in an inn ever then it can be said that you missed a lot. There is something special about staying in inns. Inns are far different from the hotels. If you know about the specialty of inns, then you may prefer staying in inns when you travel rather than hotels.


What inns offer you?

If you want to spend some times outside to get refreshed and relaxed you can try in inns. It may be the best alternatives to hotels, where you bound with four walls and all same designed room.

Inns are the traditional houses, while it has usually 8 to 10 guest room with some common sharing space such as living, dining etc. Innkeepers are here at your service. You will get services very easily there rather than a hotel.

Inns offer you a cheap rate than a hotel. You will find a lot of inns at your destination and in the center of the population with a cheap rate than hotels but with same luxury and more comfortable environment.

Each of the rooms of an inn has its own character because they are decorated individually. You will feel different in each room, while hotels offer you same designed rooms with same decoration. In an inn, you can book rooms by your choice.

Most of the inns have an impressive historical background. Most of them are restored from old buildings. Ask the innkeepers about the history of the inn you are staying, you will be amazed.

Inns offer you a free homemade or continental breakfast. In most of them, you may get breakfast with the local foods and local taste, which you don’t find in a hotel. Sometimes they offer you dinner within the rent they charged.

In an inn, you will get drinking water fully free for the full time. In hotels, they charged you for a water bottle.

Inn offers you free in room wifi and parking area which you don’t find in luxurious hotels. It saves your money.

Inn offers you privacy and independence. While in a hotel you can’t drink or smoke weed in open space, but in some inns, you can. Some of them will offer you free wine sometimes.

You can order to cook lunch or dinner as your choice in most of the inn. They will charge for it, but the charge is not so much high as hotels and the big fact is that you will get a homemade one with home taste.

If you booked a room in an inn, they may give you flexible check in and out time. But in hotels, if you stay more than an hour after your check out time, they will charge one day rent for this.

In an inn, you can pass a time in social interaction with other guests in a homely environment. But in hotels, you can’t find a homely environment.

The main fact for choosing an inn for staying is the comfort. You feel comfortable as your house and that’s the big specialty.

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